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Performance electric mountain bikes offer the same competent off-road performance as a regular mountain bike, but get you up the hills faster, so you can have more fun on the downhill bits.

Electric bikes are a great way to keep the pace through the town & city. Electric urban bikes combine practicality with a boost to beat public transport and congestion charges, making them the ideal commuter bike. Electric bikes (also called e-bikes) are a great way to ride further and faster with less effort. Pedal assist boosts your natural pedal power up to 15.5mph (35mph on our Ninja Blade/Saw) to help you fly up the climbs with ease. Electric bicycles come with hard wearing hub drive electric motors with long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Thanks to technology improvements e-bikes can now be alternatives to a car as your mode of transport, and thanks to powerful batteries you can now complete your ride on a single charge.